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American Community Survey, 2013-2017

Public School Spending Per Student


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U.S. Census Bureau, May 2020

Statewide Unemployment Rate (2018)


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6th (tied)

BLS, Local Area Unemployment Statistics
State Workforce Board

Nebraska Workforce Development Board

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State Workforce Plan

Local Workforce Boards

Greater Lincoln Workforce Development Board

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Greater Nebraska Workforce Development Board

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Greater Omaha Workforce Development Board

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Wagner-Peyser Allotment


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TEGL 16-18

Housing Price Index (1 year)


Perkins V Allotment (2019)


Per Capita Personal Income


Find a Job in Nebraska

Nebraska Department of Labor

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Official State Job Bank

WIOA Funding

Total funding received by Nebraska under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)

Vocational Rehabilitation Allotment (FY19)


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RSA Awards

Community Development Block Grants


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HUD Exchange

High School Graduation Rates


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Education Week 2016-17 Data

Median Household Income


Colleges and universities

Nebraska's Colleges and Universities

AEFLA Allotment (FY18)


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FY18 AEFLA Allotments

GDP Growth (2018)


College Graduation Rates


Minimum Wage


Labor Force Data

*United States Department of Labor Unemployment Insurance National Data, 2018 Non-seasonally adjusted

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Nebraska National
Year-over Annual Job Growth
Year-over Average Wage Growth
Annual Average Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Exhaustion Rate
Annual Labor Participation Rate

Education Levels

*Ages 25 and Older according to the American Community Survey (ACS) educational attainment data.

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Less than high school (9.1% Nebraska | 12.0% National)
High school (26.7% Nebraska | 27.1% National)
Some college/Associate Degree (33.6% Nebraska | 28.9% National)
Bachelor's degree or greater (30.6% Nebraska | 32.0% National)

Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations

Nebraska's Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Organizations

Latest Nebraska Workforce Agency Tweets

Nebraska Department of Labor

We have openings for Attorney II/Administrative Hearing Officers, Reemployment Coordinators, Bilingual Unemployment Insurance (UI) Claims Specialist and UI Claims Specialist. Visit to view the full job descriptions. NE_DOL photo

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership will host a Virtual Hiring Fair June 16, exclusively for military spouses. Registrants can attend this event at any time 11 am- 3 pm EDT. Visit for more information.

Unemployment benefits are for workers who are unemployed or working reduced hours due to no fault of their own, and who are actively seeking work. Workers who decline job offers for the purpose of collecting UI benefits should be reported to NDOL.UIworkrefusal NE_DOL photo

Our offices will be closed Monday, May 31 in observance of Memorial Day. NE_DOL photo

Nebraska will no longer participate in federal pandemic unemployment programs effective June 19. The State has notified the US Department of Labor of its intent to withdraw. Visit our website for more information: NE_DOL photo

Join the Nebraska Dept of Correctional Services for a Career Fair, Tuesday, June 29, from 3pm - 7pm. Visit for more information. NE_DOL photo

Nebraska Department of Education

This spring, @Hunt_Institute published a brief on the role of schools as #COVID19 vaccination sites, especially in low-income areas. The @NDE_Commish is speaking right NOW about the role of #EdLeaders in vaccine rollout. Watch:

We can't wait for this event! Register today! ❤️🌱
NDE_GOV photo
New #SocialPD Story posted today with information from the @Nde_SEED Team on the upcoming Educator Effectiveness Summit-June 10th-11th
Register at

#ESUCC #education #ILovePublicSchools #LeadServeSupport #TurnItUptoESU11 #WhatInspirESU #edutwitter #PDStory

Schools are considered a major partner in effective #COVID19 vaccine distribution. On Tuesday, 6/8, @Hunt_Institute talks with @lrj417, @The74; @NDE_Commish, @NDE_GOV; and @SuptJenkins, @OCPSNews about the role of #EdLeaders in vaccine rollout. Register:

As part of its commitment to stakeholder engagement, the NDE is seeking input on local & statewide priorities for use of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds. Please fill out this important survey before it closes at the end of the week!
NDE_GOV photo

Unfinished learning is complex. Nebraska is reframing the conversation about disrupted learning in the state and in the nation: @EdWeekTeacher

The @NDE_GOV is seeking input on statewide & local use of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funds: The ARP funds provide $546 million to K-12 education in Nebraska, with 90% going directly to districts.

Department of Economic Development

Check out this career opportunity with the state and please share! Economic Development Manager (Infrastructure Program Manager – Disaster Recovery) #statejobs #statejob #statecareer #career #opportunity #housing #jobsearch #governmentjobs #governmentjob

"Throughout the crisis and recession, Nebraska’s economy has outperformed that of many other states and the nation as a whole." #economy #financeandeconomy #economics #nebraskaeconomy #investing #investment

According to WalletHub, Nebraska is ranked the 2nd best place in the country to find a job!! Lincoln ranks as the #21 best city to find a job and Omaha is at #27. #job #hiring #jobs #jobsearch #recruitment #careers #careers #employment

This week, Lt. Gov. Mike Foley and DED honored local leaders for Cozad’s continued membership in Nebraska’s Economic Development Certified Community (EDCC) program. Congrats to Cozad, Nebraska! Cozad Development Corporation #EDCC #certifiedcommunity
DevelopNebraska photo

Department of Health and Human Services

DHHS News Release: Acting State Epidemiologist Appointed NEDHHS photo

DHHS News Release: DHHS’ Chief Medical Officer’s Schedule In Nebraska Communities NEDHHS photo

Before the pandemic, Mikaela Harvey, a 1st lieutenant in the Nebraska National Guard, was preparing for medical school. Those plans had to be put on hold. Thank you, Mikaela Harvey, for your commit6ment to Nebraska’s efforts to #FINISHSTRONG. NEDHHS photo

DHHS News Release: DHHS’ Chief Medical Officer To Visit Nebraska Communities NEDHHS photo

Despite the emphasis on COVID-19 at the Department of Health and Human Services, Brianna Loeck, an Enteric Surveillance Epidemiologist on the DHHS team, has continued her role investigating other diseases during the pandemic. Thank you for the work you are doing! #FINISHSTRONG NEDHHS photo

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