Today’s Workforce Top 5 (November 23, 2019)

Today's Workforce Top 5 (November 23, 2019)

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Welcome to Today’s Top 5. This is the place where we highlight top workforce development activities around the country. Let’s get to it:

Updates for 11/23/19

  • Vermont: The state legislator and hospital leaders in Vermont look to strengthen rural hospitals by investing in workforce training. See the story on the Vermont Public Radio site.

  • Hawaii: The Hawaii Department of Education is offering free Hawaiian language classes to all agency staff by partnering with Office of Hawaiian Education and the University of Hawaii Community Colleges. See the press release here. 

  • The D.C. Policy Center released a housing report which looks at the economic and social impacts of land use regulations. See the report here.  (District of Columbia, Minnesota, Maryland, California, Massachusetts, Utah, New York, Oregon).

  • Rhode Island: SecZetta, Inc. is looking to add 70 new jobs as this tech company continues to grow in Rhode Island. See the story here.

  • New Mexico: Multiple state agencies work together to help provide better services to homeless populations across the state. See the story here.

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